WDBE is a global summit on built environment digitalization. We’ve created podcast series, articles, and videos for the event. In addition we organized two virtual events in 2021 on supersensing.

Educational Video Series

For a construction sector AI developer, we created a video series about various aspects of construction productivity.

R&D Communication

We’ve written a series of articles and produced videos for the Building 2030 consortium and the DiCtion project led by Aalto University. The content features research and development results and case studies in lean construction and digitalization of the construction industry.

Event publications

Recotech and Lean Construction Institute in Finland commissioned us to produce print and pdf magazines with event presenter interviews. For Recotech, we also produced an audio magazine.

Global Exposure for Digitalization Experiments

The Ministry of the Environment in Finland launched a 6-month content marketing campaign in 2018. We promoted internationally several of the 138 experimentation projects of the Government’s KIRA-digi spearhead program. The promotion consisted of online articles, videos, and podcast episodes. The exposure generated leads for many of the experimenters.

RASTI Project Communication

RASTI is one of the projects that has used our industry and communication expertise. We planned project communication, set up a website, created blog posts and articles, and helped in reporting and presentation design.

PRE and IE Reports

PRE and IE were Finnish research programs. We designed and developed an online database publication of the projects in the programs. The PRE report, for example, included data of over 50 projects as a searchable and filterable database with descriptions, images, keywords, and classifications. We also created pdf versions of the publications.

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