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E-learning is a powerful brand marketing tool. With SnowBook it is now easier than ever to get your own course up and running quickly.

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E-learning is the future of B2B marketing and sales

What would make your customers spend 30 minutes, an hour, two hours, or more on your content?
The answer: a compelling e-learning course. Imagine the impact it could have on your business!

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Why does e-learning increase B2B sales?

According to Gartner, B2B Buyers complete a set of jobs to make a purchase:

  1. Problem identification
  2. Solution exploration
  3. Requirements building
  4. Supplier selection
  5. Validation
  6. Consensus creation

The earlier in the buying process you are involved with the customer, the more confident they are to do business with you. E-learning is a perfect medium for building awareness, trust, and thought leadership in the early stages of the buyer’s journey.

b2b sales cycle

Customer-centric e-learning

Here are a few scenarios for customer-centric e-learning:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales acceleration
  • Decision-maker support
  • Customer on-boarding
  • Instructional how-to’s
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Workflow simulations


SnowBook Pocket

Learner goal:
Get answers to a specific question

Course duration:
5-15 minutes

Best platform:

SnowBook Sofa

Learner goal:
Understand a topic, learn a skill

Course duration:
15-60 minutes

Best platform:
Mobile device or PC

SnowBook Desk

Learner goal:
Get insight into a topic

Course duration:
60-120 minutes

Best platform:

Sample course

Listen to a 6-minute audio minicourse on how to use e-learning for B2B marketing and sales

The mini-course is also available on our e-learning platform.

The latest in course authoring technology

We work with experts in the field of education to provide you with high-quality content that engages your customers and keeps them learning. You can also rely on us to keep you up-to-date on new interactive innovations like AI and augmented and virtual reality.

Native mobile and web user experience

Packed with videos, interactive animations, simulations, dialogue boxes, and more, SnowBook offers an immersive experience that’s perfect for both mobile and web users.

Effective course launch and marketing

SnowBook offers an extensive library of marketing material to help your customers to learn about their course before signing up. This will help increase conversions and improve customer satisfaction.

More sales for your

Educated customers make wise purchasing decisions. By increasing your acquisition rate, SnowBooks helps you convert more leads into paying customers and generate more revenue for your company.


How long does it take to produce a SnowBook e-learning course?

The production time depends on the availability of the course content. From the time the content is available, it takes one to four weeks.

Where do you get the content for the course?

We interview your company’s or external experts and use the documented material you hand over to us. We also use information that is readily available on the internet or in digital publications.

Our own expertise covers certain topics, for example, project and related portfolio management, construction, AEC technology, design, management consulting, and innovation.

How much does a course cost to produce?

We can calculate the accurate cost after the planning session. We price the eventual marketing of the course separately.

Do the courses require our attention or presence?

Once online, the courses don’t require any actions from you. The platform takes care of registrations, email notifications, and course certificates.

On some course platforms, you can organize live training sessions, but those are not necessary.

Are you able to create multi-lingual courses?

Yes. We produce the material in English and translate it to any number of languages you prefer.

Are the courses video-, audio- or text-based?

They can be any of those alone or a mixture of multiple media. For example, a text-based course can include an audio version or summary videos. The media we use depends on the content and goals of the course.

Should a course be free for or paid?

If you think of the course as marketing, it can be free. What you get in return is a large number of leads. However, there’s no need to offer for free something that in itself could be a helpful product or service.

What information can we retrieve from the learners?

Typically, you get their email addresses, their progress, and eventual completion of the course.

I’m interested, how can I get more information?

Fill in our inquiry form or schedule a remote meeting with us.

The SnowBook service is developed by AE Partners, a business consultancy established over 20 years ago. AE Partners has extensive experience in business innovation and technology development.

SnowBook is about high-quality, engaging, and interactive B2B e-learning courses. We know that the only way to increase customer success is by providing the best educational experience in the industry.

Our customers have quickly got hundreds of learners for the courses they provide. Using e-learning as a marketing tactic, they’ve been able to get qualified leads quicker than with many other methods.

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