Written Content

The written content that you publish should communicate your industry leadership. We have hands-on experience in the real estate and construction industries. The content we create for you is professional and insightful.

We produce interview- and research based articles, blog post, e-books and e-magazines, white papers, case studies, and reports.

Send us your specifications and we’ll send you a quote.

Articles in English

The Need for Situational Awareness in Construction

How Algorithmic Design Improves Collaboration in Building Design

DiCtion Ontology Makes Data Flow within a Construction Project

Articles in Finnish

Hukan mittaaminen paljastaa rakentamisen tuottavuuskehityksen pullonkaulat

Lean-suunnittelunohjaus suuressa sairaalahankkeessa

Rakentamisen logistiikka vaatii uusajattelua

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