Event Marketing

Turn your event into a marketing success

Events can be an effective way to build your audience, get attention, and share your message with the world. A lot of thought and planning goes into creating a successful event – including promotion. Well-prepared events are the ultimate platform for thought leadership.

Event promotion process

We specialize in effective event promotion from developing promotional content to post-event marketing.

Event promotional content creation

AEC Business takes care of all event-related content, including landing pages, banners, blog posts, sponsor visibility, podcasts, videos, email series, and more.

Event landing pages

We help you generate targeted website traffic by promoting your events on the platforms of your choice and AEC-Business.com.

Post-event marketing

Know the ROI of your event investment through our post-event marketing. AEC Business offers expertise in public relations to help you manage your event’s reputation over time.

VR and AR webinar
Infra webinar
construction webinar

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