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Joe Pulizzi, the world-renowned developer of content marketing, said in our podcast interview: “What if we focused on who our target audience was and delivered valuable, relevant, compelling information to them on a consistent basis – much like a media company would – and to build a relationship with the people we’re trying to talk to so that they begin to know, like, and trust us more.”

We plan and execute content programs for a fixed monthly fee during a minimum period of 6 months. We produce high-quality written, visual, and audio content based on our hands-on experience and expertise in the real estate and construction sector.

Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It works if you can provide interesting content that answer your audience’s questions and educates it.  To be successful, you have to be consistent and persistent.

Our content programs start with planning and setting up an online content calendar. The calendar tells you what we’re going to produce, when it’s available, and what the status of the content is. The calendar includes links to the published content.

Let’s talk about your needs and see how we can help you succeed in growing and serving your audience.

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