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AEC TechTV and WDBE Webinar Was a Success

AEC TechTV and WDBE Webinar Was a Success WDBE

216 attendees from 25 countries had signed up for the third WDBE Community Session on May 27, 2021. The online event was a co-production of AEC TechTV / AEC Business. It featured five industry trailblazers who talked about the real-time construction site. A recording of the 2-hour event is available online.

Digital Situational Awareness Event Livestreamed

Digital Situational Awareness Event Livestreamed DiCtion webinar

Digital Situational Awareness in Construction was the theme of the official WDBE 2020 pre-event hosted by Aalto University on June 24, 2020. The 2-hour virtual event consisted of four presentations and five workshop sessions. The presentations featured results of the DiCtion (Digitalizing Construction Workflows) project. AE Partners helped in planning and organizing the event, produced […]

Live-Streamed Pitchfest for WWF

Live-Streamed Pitchfest for WWF WWF

WWF is striving for change that ensures that basically every real estate investment from now on would be ‘future-proof’. Together with KIRAHub, it organized the WWF Life EconomisE KIRA-challenge. On May 19, 2020, 10 companies pitched their solutions for sustainable building stock. AE Partners live-streamed the event to a global audience on YouTube. Teemu Lehtinen […]

We Live-streamed an AI Conference

We Live-streamed an AI Conference KIRA AI

AE Partners live-streamed a built environment AI conference on March 17, 2020. The event consisted of a panel discussion and several presentations. All the panelists and presenters participated remotely to a global audience. The WDBE pre-event was a joint effort by the Finnish AI Accelerator FAIA, KIRAHub,, Rakennuslehti, and AEC Business. If you want […]

MediaLab @KIRAHub Opens

MediaLab @KIRAHub Opens media channel

AE Partners has opened its fast-track media production unit at Maria 01, the leading startup campus in the Nordics. The MediaLab @KIRAHub wants to make communication easy and effective for the built environment digitalization ecosystem. Services include video, audio, and written content production. Send email to or book a call with us to start […]

AEC Business Top 9 Blog

AEC Business Top 9 Blog Best blog

Expertido has featured the AEC Business blog as one of the 9 best construction technology blogs. They write, “We analyzed your website based on content quality, authenticity factors, uniqueness, data security and a bunch of other aspects throughout the last weeks. Those blogs that we considered as reliable and trustworthy like yours are from now […]

Our Video Production

Our Video Production video

Video in an increasingly important marketing medium. Having at least a short video about your company and products is a necessity. Video is also a great medium for delivering short, personal messages. It builds trust in your person and company. Here are two recent videos that we produced. The first one is a short startup […]

AEC Business a Top 10 Blog

AEC Business a Top 10 Blog top 10 blog

Feedspot has featured as a Top 10 Construction Technology Blog and a Top 75 Construction Blog. Feedspot writes: “…The Best Construction Technology Blogs from thousands of Construction Technology blogs in our index using search and social metrics. We’ve carefully selected these websites because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent […]

Our Year 2018 in Review

Our Year 2018 in Review 2018

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