Services for Construction Industry Trailblazers

We have a portfolio of services that boost your marketing communication, save time and money, and help you sell to customers and investors.

Check out our monthly services, content products, and sales services.

communication services

Communication Services 

Outsource communication tasks to us and make communication your success factor.

communication management

Communication Management

We help you manage marketing and internal communication as a monthly service.

content program

Content Program

We plan and execute systematic content programs.

media channel

Your Media Channel

We produce original content series for businesses and other organizations.

Content Marketing

Professional content creation and distribution



High-quality interview articles, event reports, and educational articles

social media video

Social media videos

Attention-grabbing and informative videos for the social media.

Business video

Business videos

Videos featuring experts, case studies, and product demos.

live streaming

Live Streaming

Live-streamed events with on-site or remote presenters.


Podcast production

Podcast episodes with guests from around the world.

video editing

Video editing

Turning your own material into a superb video for online distribution.

Sales Services

We help you sell your ideas, products, and services 

The future of VR and AR in construction

Presentations that sell

Are you pitching to a client or an investor? We help you compose a presentation that delivers the message effectively and sells your concept, product, or service.

Lean Construction Review

Proposals that win

A winning proposal is a combination of the right offering, correctly structured content, and psychologically optimized presentation. We’ve prepared a large number of successful proposals over the years both for ourselves and with our clients.

video pitch

Video presentation training

In the age of video conferences and video pitches, how you present can make or break your deal. We offer coaching to prepare you to deliver a successful presentation.

Website and App Development

We develop websites and landing pages for businesses, associations, and events. We can use WordPress, Wix, Adobe Dreamweaver, and other tools. In addition we do custom Web programming for special purposes.

We have also developed both native and cross-platform mobile apps.

mobile app development
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